Windows on Frida and Diego

We see Diego Rivera sitting on scaffolding, just as he painted himself in the famous San Francisco Art Institute mural.
He is facing a window with a sketch for a Detroit mural. Above is a winged image of Diego and Frida revealing her crying a tear of blood, a common Mexican artistic expression of unhappiness.
To Diego’s left, the window of Ideology has a rendition of the May Day parade painting.
Frida’s window on Love reflects a distant image of her powerful painting “Frida and Diego in San Francisco”. She wears a typical dress from Tehuntepec as she faces her beloved monkeys.
This window on Love can be closed, an action Frida herself should have perhaps considered more often on account of Diego's behavior.
The figures can be taken out of their environment and played with like acrobats.

Painted wood
H 20” W 17” D 6”